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Celia Malins - Counsellor- MBACP (accred) - MBABCP (accred) -  BA (Hons), (PG Dip)


My fees are dependent on type of Counselling/ Therapy.

Sessions held in Surbiton are £85. 

Day time and evening sessions held online are £70. 

Occasionally my concessionary places become available - these are at £60/£65 and available to those on lower incomes and students. I believe everyone can benefit from counselling, so do call me if this is a problem as in certain situations I can be flexible. Please give me a call or talk to me about this if it is a concern. 

Our initial session can be at the reduced rate of £30 - or I can offer a free 20 minute phone call. 

What should I expect from our first session

This session is all about getting to know the reason you have come and for you to decide if you feel comfortable working with me. You can ask me questions about my practice and how I work, and I will ask you questions about what has brought you to me, there are likely to be more questions in this session than future sessions. I will also be making sure I have the right skills and training to work with you (as per my ethical framework).

What should I expect from therapy


Everyone experiences therapy differently. However, at the beginning you may feel shy or awkward talking about yourself and your life. Most clients find the 50 minutes fly by. It is very common to find the first few weeks cathartic as you talk about things you may not have spoken about before. For some this brings up deep rooted emotions that they may have not been aware of. It is important to share these feelings with me, in order that I can support you through them.

You may then, as the therapy goes on start seeing things differently, challenging your thoughts more and perhaps starting to have some 'aha moments'. This can help when you need to see things more clearly. Overall I hope that you will be able to move to a place where the initial concern that brought you to me is no longer so dominant in your thoughts. 

What happens when I need to change or cancel an appointment


I understand that life gets busy at times. Once we have agreed a regular time and day, you won't be charged if you let me know 24 hours in advance, however, I believe that counselling works best when the sessions are regular and frequent. 

What type of people come to counselling

Counselling is for everyone from all walks of life, background and upbringing: Everyone experiences difficulties. 

How will I know when it's time to finish counselling

A time will come when you will feel like you no longer need to come. You will be experiencing life more fully and your initial reasons for coming to therapy will have dissipated. I am also trained to recognise if that time has come.... there are times and stages in everyone's life when it is right to start therapy and it is right to finish. 

It has been one of the most intense things I have ever done. I never knew how deep things ran. You have really helped me come to terms with my past and I feel better equipped to manage the future. Thank you so much. 

C, Worcester park

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