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Celia Malins - Counsellor- MBACP - BA (Hons)

I frequently work with the following issues


Change in life circumstances

Divorce or relationship breakdown

Low mood or depression

Panic Attacks

Depression and anxiety


Low self-esteem and lack of confidence

Feelings of not being good enough

Anger, rage and emotional outbursts

Coping with becoming or being a parent

Work stress or pressure

Disordered eating (including overeating)

Resolving pain from your childhood

Self harm

Coping with medical diagnosis

Drug and alcohol issues / addiction


Unhappiness or lack of fulfilment

Mid-life crisis

Difficult family dynamics

Personal Growth


Personal Development

Caring for someone with an illness

Why counselling can help

Life can be challenging at the best of times and there are times when these challenges can become overwhelming and may feel like too much. Getting professional, emotional support during these trickier times can make all the difference in how successfully you cope.


Deciding to talk with someone honestly about your problems or dilemmas can be the hardest step to take and yet being able to offload these worries in a safe, warm, confidential respectful environment can help you gain clarity, relief and some space to think. This can enable you to move towards the best solution or action for you.

I can provide that safe, warm, empathic place and help you to connect more deeply with what is troubling you. You may want to talk with someone outside of your work, family or friendship circle because your dilemma may directly affect them and you are concerned about hurting their feelings, overwhelming them or burdening them. 

You may have recently experienced changes in your life that you are struggling to come to terms with, or you may have been aware of deeper problems for a long time which you now feel ready to explore. Either way, counselling can support you in understanding these issues more fully, offering you a safe place to explore the options available to you.

I can work with you to help you understand your patterns which may no longer be helpful to you or are in some way holding you back. Once you are aware of your patterns and more connected to your feelings and thought processes you can start deciding how you want to move forward, helping you feel more empowered, calmer and more in control.

I had no idea we would discuss so much and that I would learn so much about myself . Thank you Celia so much for your patience and kindness over these last  

few months

C, Richmond

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